Part of an economics graduate program? Then you might be able to apply for this 10K grant

You’ve been told that getting a bachelor degree program is the way to a higher paycheck. But now it seems that the new destination for those who want an increase in income is graduate school.

Many employees find themselves in this situation. They would greatly benefit from a graduate degree program at their workplace. The trouble is, how can you keep a job and also go to school?

The answer is masters degree online. A lot of employees who have grown bored of their job or need to a graduate degree to advance in rank are opting for masters degree online today.

Indeed, masters degree online used to get a bad rep, viewed as low-quality alternatives of traditional programs. But that’s no longer the case anymore, with one condition.

You need to look for masters degree online at accredited schools online. Accreditation it’s like a stamp on quality on the online college in question.

So if you want to make sure you get best education possible, then you need to enroll with accredited schools online.

It’s not only about quality here. Accredited schools online also offer support in terms of finances. A graduate program might be hard to fund, but if you access a scholarship or two, you be a lot better off.

There’s a wide range of scholarships for students who are pursuing a graduate degree program, and you need to find and apply to them.

Start with your accredited college, as we told you about. But if you realize that you’re not eligible to apply, don’t fret.

You can turn to the Internet instead. The world wide web is perhaps the largest database of scholarships. It’s easy to access and is readily available.

Try and use your major when you search for scholarships, as to narrow down the ones that you can apply to.

Let’s say that you’re pursuing a part-time graduate program in the field of public administration, governmental accounting, finance, economics, or business administration, you need to take a look at the Government Finance Officers Association Scholarship.

Candidates need to be employed for at least two years by the state or local government to be considered for the award.

In order to submit their candidature, graduate students need to fill out the application form on the official GFOA website. This needs to be accompanied by a statement of his/her proposed career plans within the local government.

Applicants also need to attach a few documents including, undergraduate and graduate transcripts, two letter of recommendations and resume.

The deadline to apply is January 18, 2019, so if you’re reading this now, there’s still plenty of time to apply for the grant.

The scholarship is worth a generous $10,000. We should also note that four scholarships are provided annually. The award is for both international (Canadians) and US students.

So if you’re interested in local government finance and pursuing a master in the field, you should definitely try and apply for this scholarship.

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  1. I have adegree in soil resource and watershed management but l need full scholarship to learn my second degree please help me

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  7. Thank you,ihave bachelor\’s degree in environmental science and I need scholarship for Master\’s degree beg you to help me

  8. I\’m a Liberian citizen who holds two master degrees: M.Sc.- Governance & Regional Integration from the Pan African University-Institution of Governance, Humanities & Social Sciences (PAUGHSS) and with an MA in Theology Proper-from the Redeemed Christian Bible College (RCBC) both degrees of Yaounde\’, Cameroon. But prior to the achievement of those degrees, I held a BBA in Accounting & Economics from the University of Liberia, and now want a scholarship to my PhD in Development Economics and/ or Sustainability Science. if any one and/ or organizations/institutions can help me to achieve this dream, i`ll dearly appreciate them always in my life times library of academia. I know people/organizations will help me to achieve this, with strong faith, all things are possible to them that believed.

  9. I\’m interested for the scholarship..
    I want to do my bachelor\’s degree..for a science course in medical school
    I have just finished A level from Uganda..

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  11. I need a Scholarship to study Doctorate (PHD) in Business Administration. I finished a Bachelors in Human Resource Management and thereafter a Masters degree in Business Administration majoring in Strategic Management and Leadership. I also have works on continuous experience in HR administrative areas.

  12. I want to study architecture . I have parents but they can not to be e teach me becouse they have no economis teach me so please. Help me to get this chance

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  26. I request for the Scholarship to study Masters in Science. I graduated a Bachelor in Education Science at Mwenge Catholic University

  27. Dear Richard,

    I write to request scholarship for a PhD in Tourism and Hospitality Management or Management Studies. Note that i have already been accepted to pursue a PhD in Management Studies with Texila American University-Zambia.

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