$1000 Frank Kennedy Vernoy Scholarship

Ask a child about there dream and they will tell you something that are so good to hear. They would want to be a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, an engineer or any other profession that are essential to the society. We need to support them so they would have to reach that goal when the right time comes. On the other hand, education is an essential tool to reach those professions. They would need to have a college degree or any degree program that they could have a good qualifications. Today, there is a big challenge in the market, students need to accumulate as many certificates, seminars or training in order to increase their effectiveness and gain a higher percentage of getting a high paying job.

The negative here is that it is not easy to do. Getting a college degree or any degree program takes a lot of expenses and parents should need to work hard enough just to provide for their children. The prices of tuition fee is increasing annually, education is now becoming of a business rather than a right for everyone. This is something that we should solve if we want to lessen poverty. There are a lot of people who are looking for a chance to get a good education, unfortunately, they do not have the opportunity to do so. It is necessary to make noise so the government would know our necessities and so they would not just put our taxes straight to their pockets.

On the other news, it is good to hear that ther are now alternatives in learning such as online education. However, online education is not enough in order to be qualified in the majority of jobs that are available in the industries today. Formal schooling is still in demand simply because many companies still looking for diplomas that came from those kinds of education institutions. The good news is that there are organizations that are giving scholarships and grants for those who want to have a support for their education. One of them is Frank Kennedy Vernoy Scholarship that provides $1000 for those students that will be qualified. If think that you have a chance for this opportunity, you could see https://www.lawsonstate.edu/sites/www/Uploads/files/PDFs/Financial_Aid/2018%202019/Scholarships%20with%20Jaunuary%202019%20deadlines.pdf

172 thoughts on “$1000 Frank Kennedy Vernoy Scholarship

  1. I am really depending on this scholarship so that I can further my studies….. I would like to study further so that so that I can achieve my goals

  2. I want to study
    electrical & electronic engineering but for now I\’m student in college of IPRC Tumba
    like renewable energy
    level 2 but you want advanced diploma
    for me advance diploma are not enough
    I neeed engineering degree

  3. Thanks for this opportunity granted to me.Am a high-school graduate from Zambia and I want to do Medicine.Please I need your help so that I can accomplish my goals

  4. Please grant me and my friends Esther James and Joy partick the scholarship to study abroad for we have always wanted and dream to study medicine and surgery

  5. Good morning. How can i access a scholarship for an MBA in logistics and supply chain. please i really need it. Thanks.

  6. I am student of soil and environmental sciences from university of agriculture Peshawar Pakistan.so I want a free scholarship.

  7. And you are always giving scholarships of businesses only, what do you think of those who are doing engineering and architecture?

  8. I\’m mohamed idrissa a student studying social work, and I need your finicial support to upgrade my knowledge ideas and skills. After studying come back and enhance human well being with a particular focus on vulnerable, people living in poverty thank you..

  9. I hv done my masters in English literature. I want to go for a short course or diploma related to my field. I just want to continue my study can u plz help me

  10. Hellow i need a help for scholarship for diploma in clinical medicine for the intake in march please i need a help

  11. Am in Malawi doing diploma in gender and development which am not interested with and if there is chance may you remember me because am very interested with scholarship.

  12. Dear Sir,

    I have completed my Honourse and Masters fro the Department of Population Science & HRD and stood First Class First and afterward I have been awarded M. Phil. degree from the same Department with full fellowship in the filed of Infectious diseases. Now I would like to complete my PhD from the same field of study with having scholarship.I a presently serving as Associate Professor, DBA, SMUCT, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  13. I\’m looking for a full scholarship of undergraduate studies in the filed of Computer Engineering or BAA and others filed you chosen for me . your consideration will be much appreciate. Please my future is very importance for me if can help because since I complete my secondary school, I\’m at home because of poor family back ground.

  14. I want to further up my education and I really need this scholarship to aid me up. I have a diploma in civil engineering

  15. I got a diploma in teaching and currently working as a teacher in my homeland. I want to do further study. How can I access to this scholarship pls??

  16. Okay, So what are the qualifications and what must be done? I can\’t afford to miss this. I completed school in the year 2017 and i want to study nursing.

  17. Help me with financial aid to up grade my self in Political Science. I\’m a trained primary school teacher and have Cambridge and London Universities \

  18. Thank you so much sir for this chance giving unto us you people should consider us because all of us want to study through this scholarship to help our parent out because of poor background and some are orphan please sir here our crying.
    I would like to read town planning here is my contact (08100650771),THANKS

  19. I\’m a high school graduate and I\’m asking you please if you can grant me this scholarship so that I can achieve my goals and pursue a career in the field of nursing.

  20. Hello, i would really appreciate given the chance to have the scholarship, currently am at university pursuing bachelors degree in project planning and management, looking forward to a positive feedback, thank you.

  21. Hello, i would really appreciate given the chance to have the scholarship, currently am at the Papua New Guinea university of technology in bachelor degree in property management, looking forward to a positive feedback, thank you

  22. Now I\’m studying as a bachelor of science in office administration.. I need scholarship to sustain my needs in school especially for the tuition fees

  23. Well received! But what must I do to qualify for these grants. There is nothing about that on this page.

  24. I want to thank you for your good deeds of helping students achieve their dreams.
    I was kindly asking for a sponsorship to take a degree in Bachelor of Commerce at Massachussets Uuniversity or any other university you wish me to go to.Be blessed for the work you are doing.

  25. I would Like to study Law and currently I am finishing my high school studies here in Zimbabwe and I would like to study abroad.

  26. I am a student of Liberia. I am in need of scholarship to study computer engineering. I am interested in your scholarship.

  27. I will like for you people to please help me in this process .I promise that I will ABA by all rules

  28. I\’m Darius Muhammed Kanneh a student from Liberia west Africa my dream is to further my study abroad if opportune and my future career in studious is Accounting and IT information Technology which is computer and I really need this opportunity from your I am very glad my the scholarship through my Email.

  29. I need scholarship to pursue M.sc in Pharmaceutical chemistry.Ishall be grateful if you could help me out

  30. Hi i would like to persue PHD in English studies. How can I process my application?I need a scholarship.

  31. Hi,I would like to join MA in software Engineering. Please tell me how can I process it.I need a scholarship .
    Thanks a lot.

  32. My Name is David Mangganggan Rumwaropen. I am a Teacher in Computer Science field. I am Come from Papua – Indonesia. I need Funding Help. I am very grateful to be able to help me by providing education funding assistance to complete the Master\’s graduate program in Computer Science.

  33. Sir,

    I\’m Clotilda Claudia Harry from the Solomon Islands. serving Law Enforcement for 15 years , in field of leadership and management and people performance management and organizational behavior .
    I need this Scholaship very much to do Master in science, leadership and management further studies from postgraduate diploma to Masters in UK , Canada or in Australia. Received Postgraduate certificate in leadership and management from Queensland Tafe in Australia in January 2019.

    Please assist me with the process to achieve this offer

    Thank you.

  34. I had not get any grant sir iam fy bcom student I want to study banking and finance..i will be grateful if u help me for this and I\’m not getting the steps how to apply for it… Thank you sir

  35. am so happy for choosing me now what am i supposed to do please direct me thank as i anticipate to hear from you

  36. Hi, My name is Mira from the Philippines. I\’d like to try study in other country but my parents dont have enough money to sustain all my needs in school, that\’s why Im looking for a scholarship that I am fit in. I am taking Bachelor of science in psychology. I hope anyone will notice this comment and help me. Thank you so much!

  37. my name is melaku awoke.I am from ethiopia.I would like to study a doctor or a nurse.but know i have not enough money but some bodey help me i need teach that course.

  38. Hi, Im Michael Jaidi a citizen of the Republic of Zimbabwe due to the economic hardships in my country it is hard for me fully fund my self to get my Civil Engeneering Bachelor Degree so I might need some help from the program, I consider it as a great opputunity.

  39. Hi Mr. Vernoy, I hardly appreciate your role in society; helping people around the world to be educated. May your generation forever be blessed because of your humanitarian support toward good people in the world. Mr. Vernoy, me too is interested in your scholarship. My name is Henry Woyea, student at one of the universities of Liberia. Please help me!!

  40. I want to thank you for your good deeds of helping students achieve their dreams.
    I am kindly asking you for a scholarship to complete a master and PhD degree in development economic at Atlantic International University .sir please help me complete my study.

  41. I am in need of this opportunity
    I want to thank you for your good deeds of helping student achieve their dreams

  42. I am a high school senior, resident in Cameroon and we are presently writing our GCE A level. I would like to study general medicine and later specialise in a field in surgery or as a gynecologist.

  43. I am from Philippines I really need a scholarship for me to pursue my college level,I want to finish my studies to uplift the difficult standard living of my family. I hoping for you kind heart to be kindled.

  44. j wanted to study masters in monitoring and evaluation how can j access the application form for scholarship.all from kighoma Asaah-ugandan

  45. j am requesting to publish my email because j might get chance to be picked and study masters in monitoring and evaluation.thanks

  46. j have a degree in social work and social administration and jam requesting scholarship from your office thank you.

  47. I appreciate the opportunity giving to me to comment on this platform #grantforme…. Am a polytechnic graduate (ND) under the department of architecture technology I will be grateful if am giving the opportunity to continue my education through your scholarship thank you very much

  48. Je suis kourouma Ansoumane étudiant en licence 1 département Génie Minier en Guinée ( Conakry ) . Je veut faire une haute formation dans l\’une des meilleurs universités du monde c\’est pour ça je suis intéressé par votre bourse d\’étude universitaire . merci pour votre compréhension

  49. I want to study Master in Education. My country Zimbabwe is having economic challenges for me to fund for my Masters

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