$10000 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship

It is really hard to attain education nowadays because of a lot of hindrances that exist in our society today. There are a couple reasons why the children of our world do not finish a college degree or any degree program. Our society is pushing the younger generations to go to work in order to earn some money and give it to their family to have food on the table. This is the reason why you would see out of youth in almost every country in the world, except for those who provide a free education to their citizen. This is a sad reality that kills dreams of every children, we must strive to make a lot of people who have a college degree or any degree program. This would definitely improve the lives of each individual and uplift the status of the society.

If we really want to help, we need to do some efforts in our own little way. We could tell to the government that they should do something to improve the current education system that are pushing the students to forget about their dreams and not to pursue study. We need to empower every child, because every child is a treasure that would soon change the society. Fortunately, online education is one way to learn without sacrificing a lot of money and time. Imagine, you could learn by just sitting at your sofa, watching some videos of professor making a lecture on a particular lesson. This has not been in the history before, just on this time only. Online education should be improve and serve as a good alternative.

It is good to hear that there are people willing to support an individual’s desire to learn. Most of them believes that education is not just for the benefit of a person’s life, but also for the benefit of their country and of the society. If every citizen recieves a good quality of education, imagine the change that it would cause in the world. The GE-Reagan gives financial support as much as $10,000 or it could increase depending on the person’s performances. This is a big help that could support your college education. For the details, click https://www.reaganfoundation.org/education/scholarship-programs/ge-reagan-foundation-scholarship-program/.

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  1. Am an undergraduate wishing to pursue medicine. My mean grade is B+ with A in maths, A- in Chemistry, B+ in Biology, B in physics and B in English.



  4. Hi!
    I recently completed my Bachelors\’ degree in Development Studies.I would like very much to be given an opportunity to pursue a Masters\’ degree in Project Monitoring and Evaluation.

    I kindly hope to here from you soon and it your positive feedback will be greatly appreciated

  5. Now Iam Lecturer in Civil Engineering at Assosa University so, Iam happy if there is a posibility to join to your University in civil Engineering to learn master of degree.thanks

  6. Now Iam Lecturer in Civil Engineering at Assosa University so, Iam happy if there is a posibility to join to your University in civil Engineering to learn master of degree.thanks.please contact me with my address if there is any posibility in my field.thanks agail

  7. I\’m from Jamaica and its hard to get the type of education I deserve. I would love a scholarship to help me pursue my passion in law.

  8. I m doing my degree…. I need financial help…. I don\’t have father I only have mother n it\’s difficult to pay my education fee….

  9. Hello
    I really want to know clearly about your scholarship.
    Now I in Cambodia.
    Did you have any scholarship for my country?
    I\’m looking forward for your replying.🙂🙂

  10. Hello,
    I am a fresh Kenyan male graduate and really in need of a masters degree in transport and Logistics. Any assistance will highly be appreciated.
    Kind Regards.

  11. I need a scholarship to payment fe a degree in computer science in national open university of Nigeria. Pls and pls, help me, this is my accounts number, Aji Dantani 2085860359 zenith Bank.

  12. I am really delighted to have this opportunity.I want to study for the economic development of my country Benin me.I have confidence in myself and my knowledge skills.

  13. I just need an assistance so I can study without paying much attention where I\’m going to get my expenses in school.(₱$)

  14. I need a Scholarship to continue my master degree in social Communication or International Relation. I am graduate on Social Communication at UNTL ( Timor-Leste)

  15. I have completed my bachelor degree in 1994.I have gained my IELTS score-5.00.I am 45 years old.I want this 10000 dollars scholarship.

  16. I\’m from Kenya and I\’m really in need of your support because I want to pursue Bachelor of technology in Electrical and electronics engineering,please I request for your scholarship, I\’m financial unstable and I\’m an orphan

  17. I lost my dad and my mum have been the only one taking care of three kids thus; my elder brother, my kid sister and myself. But now she said it wouldn\’t be possible for us to proceed. Really need scholarship to study Bachelor of Public Health (Disease Control)

  18. Hi, I\’m Olaka Benard Omwony from Uganda, I have a Bachelor\’s Degree in Development Studies and I would like to get a scholarship for a Master\’s program in Project Management. Thanks, yours honestly

  19. I\’ve completed my graduation last year in B.Sc environment and ecology. And right now I\’m looking forward to do an M.Sc degree. I would be great if you provide this scholarship.
    Looking forward to to your positive response.
    Thank you!

  20. It\’s true, If I have free education colleges I will be at a higher level of thinking and understandingwe with this two levels ur out comes wll most be 80%…….

  21. please Would really appreciate if I get a scholarship to study abroad I want to study social work its my passion to work with the community

  22. I request scholarship for Masters Degree in Wildlife or Zoology or Natural Resources Management. I have BSc. in Wildlife Management from Sokoine University of Agriculture Morogoro Tanzania in Upper Second Class. Am looking forward for your positive help. Thank you.

  23. Hello, how can I apply for scholarship? I’ll be taking up Civil Engineering this coming school year. Thank you so much 😊

  24. i am dawit from ethiopia studying Bsc nursing in university og gondar i need your scholarshp to study abroad i am interested in biological sciences

  25. hello,regards to you the founders ,am jesse a medical student third year(bachelors of medicine and surgery, kampala international university in uganda) ,am having tuition stasis which makes it hard , request for your help.

  26. I would like to get the scholarship for master degree of biochemistry.now I\’m attending master degree at Yangon University but I wanna also attend foreign university. That\’s my ambition.

  27. I would like to get the scholarship for master degree of biochemistry.now I\’m attending master degree at Yangon University but I wanna also attend foreign university. That\’s my ambition.
    But I would like to study more than here
    about my specialized major and I know widely about it more and more.I am not clever but I must try!!!

  28. My name is Joseph, I want to obtain masters degree in Public health with emphasis in Epidemiology, please help me.

  29. I would appreciate if chosen for the scholarships, am pursuing bachelor of science in project planning and management, looking forward to a positive response, thank you.

  30. I am christine have spent home for a full year due to lack of tution for me to pursue with my education as an undergraduate. Am kindly asking for a scholarship to study abroad.Thank you for your time and hoping for a positive feedback



  32. Hello, I am ursus NOEBANGA, Computer scientist, I am ready to join your institution to study the virtualization of network systems. or a master\’s degree in science information.

  33. Hi!
    I recently completed my Bachelors\\’ degree in Education.I would like very much to be given an opportunity to pursue a Masters\\’ degree in Education.

    I kindly hope to here from you soon and it your positive feedback will be greatly appreciated

  34. Hi! Recently I\’m doing grade 12 in Papua New Guinea. I would like you to give me a opportunity to continue my studies in overseas.

    I kindly hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Your positive feedback will be highly appreciated.

  35. Good day Sir/ Madam

    My name is Sikelela, I\’m a multimedia design student from TUT institution, I\’m currently doing my 3rd year, im currently doing a module called integrated learning whereby we have to look for internships to work for, for a period of 8weeks it will contribute on the marks which will able me to get my certificate next year (graduate).

    After getting my diploma I\’m planning to further my studies abroad possibility with the best multimedia design institutions, I\’m also looking for a full scholarship to help me pay my tuition fees.
    I can also settle for interns from the best media production companies

  36. Hi, I am SHS graduate and I am in need of scholarship to pursue my education which I\’m taking up Civil Engineering.

  37. I need a scholarship to study MBBS , now I have a bsc ed biology.I need financial supported sir, my is second lower

  38. Hi All, I am Rol Diing Ngong Ngong from South Sudan and I am seriously in need of scholarship. I am holding a diploma in project planning and management and a second year student in University of Juba in School of Management Sciences department of business administration.

  39. Please help me to get this scholarship i really want to study abroad but i have no finances to pay for my tuition please help me

  40. I am finishing my bachelors degree in law and I am desirous of persuing my masters in the same field but have no funding.

  41. help me to get this scholarship, i really want to study MBA but i don\’t have the financial muscle to drive myself to that level please help. Currently in Zimbabwe.

  42. Iam interested to study abroad in master\’s degree under a give full scholarship any way I have bachalors degree in botany and conservation second divion upper class for univert of rwanda college of sciences and technology.

  43. I\’m from the Solomon Islands, very interested in this Scholaship to further my studies, serving law enforcement for 15 years, wish to study in Master of Science in leadership and management, strategic leadership and management and Human resources.

    Graduated from Queensland Tafe with postgraduate certificate in leadership and management in January 219.

    Please direct me on application process for this scholaship.

    Thank you very much for informations here.

  44. Hi! my name is shafiullah. I am 27 years old. recently I have completed BBA degree.now I want to upgrade my education to a masters degree in MBA and related course if your country may give me a free scholarship. because I can’t pay the needed payment to learn my master\\’s education.
    I will be grateful if you could consider me in your first selection I wish to carry out a Master degree in Bussiness Administration and wish to complete my master studies, abroad.

  45. My name is Bernis Matu. Am from kenya and all I really want is to have financial support as I take baby steps to better my education. I can not be the in education but trying is the ultimate goal in ,y life right now.

  46. I would appreciate if can be offered the scholarship opportunity to enable me pursue masters degree in Business Management

  47. I am in need of a scholarship to parsue my degree in Education. I\’ll be honoured if you\’ll consider my request.
    Thanks in advance.

  48. I am Bachelor and Computer Diploma Holder and One year Computer Course and 8 Years Experience Data Entry Operator at Vocational training Center ratodero

  49. I am need this scholarship for my future education program.please help me to win this program.I have degree in civil engineering

  50. I am a graduate holding a degree in Electronics and Telecommunication and i\’m looking forward to pursue a Masters degree so as to create a change in my country which will impact the lives of many more especially the youths out there. So please if their is a way in organisation that you can help me a scholarship, please come to my rescue and help me which will inturn have a ripple effect to my country and the rest of the world.

  51. Hi Sir/Madam I have received an admission offer at James Cook University in Australia unfortunately,the programme is not under any scholarship please I really need a scholarship. Patiently waiting your reply.

  52. I am grateful for the opportunity giving to me to comment on this platform #grantforme…. Am a polytechnic graduate (ND) under the department of architecture technology I will be honored if am giving the opportunity to continue my education through your scholarship thank you very much

  53. Am an OND graduate of mass communication intending to further, I need a scholarship to enable me acertain my dreams of becomin an \

  54. I need scholarship my account.adirala Manjula a/c .025710100136791,andhra bank,IFSC.ANDB0000257,AndhraPrdesh,INDIA

  55. Hy my name is Loice ,i would like to request for a scholarship to persue architecture.I reviewed my calling letter recently,please contact me.

  56. I\’m Martha from Kenya… currently pursuing bachelor of education and I would request if I get any scholarship to pursue my degree course which has always been medicine… I pursued education because of lack of enough school fees considering that I\’m single parented…. Thanks

  57. Hi, I am Advertus Nyan Mianah from Liberia, West Africa and I desire to pursue a degree in Public Health. Thanks

  58. Dear entire team,accept warm greetings from Cameroon.
    I am Bochum Samuel Bache, Cameroon National Youth Delegate to commonwealth / Founder and Executive Director of YAPCEC ( Youth Advocates for Peace and Community Empowerment Cameroon ). A peace and security trainer. I have gain and admission to further my studies on MA in Peace, conflicts and development at the University of Bradford in United Kingdom.
    I humbly request for a lifetime opportunity from the entire team for a scholarship of 14000 pounds.
    More details about me can be verified on my organization website http://www.yapcec.org
    My full names
    Bochum Samuel Bache

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