$10,000 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest

We need education, it is important for a person’s life and the society. One of the first education that happens to a the child is at home, that is why we should educate them to strive in having a good character. As said by Benjamin Franklyn, “Educate your children to self-control, to the habit of holding passion and prejudice and evil tendencies subject to an upright and reasoning will, and you have done much to abolish misery from their future and crimes from society.” When they’ve learned about the importance of having a good character, you might save them on being a crook.

One of the characters that they should develop, especially in preparing them to get a college degree or any degree program is the ability to strive and not to give up easily. This would make them reach their goals and not to surrender education no matter what. Let us streghten it through the sayings of Dr. David M. Burs, “Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism.” If they learn this character, they would do anything it takes as possible as they can just to finish their college degree or any degree program that they desire to get.

In today’s society, the technology helps us to have alternative ways of learning through online education. You could now watch or read articles that are almost free. You just need to have a stable internet connection, a comfortable place and viola! You are acquiring knowledge. It is really fascinating how online education changes the way things are. Meanwhile, if you are still one of those parents that are looking for a formal form of learning for your children, then you have two options. Either by working much harder to prepare for the expenses or encourage and help them to apply for a scholarship or finacial assitance. One thing that could be prospected for support is the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest. It is open for high school students, if you want to learn more about it, then visit https://www.jfklibrary.org/learn/education/profile-in-courage-essay-contest.

141 thoughts on “$10,000 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest

  1. I am a South Sudanese Refugee living in northern Uganda but in serious need of either fee masters scholarship or cash grants to pay college fees

  2. My name is Thomas Tagbe an practical engineer from Liberia and i am seeking for
    free education Scholarship in Bachelors Degree programs in civil engineering i will be very happy if any financial assistance organization to help me.Because i from one of the poorest country in west Africa.


  4. My name is kennedy makuleya doing motor vehicle mechanics i want to processed may school by having diproma and degree bt am failing because of money problems

  5. My Name is Abayneh Alta from Ethiopia. I received a 20% tuition reduction from Walden University to study Doctor Degree in Business Administration. Due to the high exchange rate of US dollar in Ethiopian Birr ($1=27.969ETB) and lack of other opportunities to support my studies at Walden University, currently, $46,751 a bursar hold placed on my account balance prevented me from registration. You can kindly help with any amount you have. Thank you and May God bless every hand that supports the needy.


  7. My name is Dina I am 16.5 years I am Egyptian in this time I am studing Medical Terminology certificate on the internet then I will study applied science diplomat to qualify me to study biomedical and Health science My parents don\’t support me they always threaten me badly ,but I don\’t give up I will improve my English language l am really sad because my family want prevent me from internet ,so I want to travel to get rid of stress I want to fight ignorance please tell me what is your decision?

  8. Im Luwis from zimbabwe , l hve no one to support me in terms of education but i want to study computer science and it.l hope yu will consider me in your selection. Thank you

  9. Bonsoir Mr
    Je serai honoree d avoir cette bourse qui me sauverai et me donnerai ma place et. ma dignite dans la societe.
    Merci d avance.

  10. Hello
    My name is parisa Abbasi and I live in iran.
    I had been admitted PhD degree of environment engineering in technical university of Berlin 6 months ago but I have no money for going to Germany.
    I need help to keep my interest.
    Yours sincerely

  11. i am abdirashid noor hussein am a kenyan by birth i hve completed my secoundary education level in 2018 i hve managed to get B wth lack of support frm my parents since they were not able to pay my school fees nd sometimes my breakfast nd lunch i want to join university but am lucking a support frm anybody i want to pursue health course since my communitis healt is at danger

  12. My name is Elizabeth from Kenya. Currently a student at University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies doing a Master\’s in International Migration and Development. I manage to pay my fees for the first semester and now I am in need of financial assistance of 15,000 Euros to be able to pay for the remaining balance. I am in really urgent need for financial assistance and I hope you are in a position to help me fulfill my dream.

  13. Magacaygu wa Ahmed Salah from Somalia wxn raba in layga saacido diyarinta waxbarashada heer jamacaded saan udiyariyo decree ga kowaad plz

  14. Hi, I am a Liberian I want to extend my education at MSc level but I have no support, kindly considered me during your selection to enable me achieved my goal.

  15. Hello,I am Chipiliro Chilumba of Malawian original. i gaduatd with a Diploma in Irrigation Technology obtained from LUANAR(NRC CAMPUS).Am looking for grants cash or scholarship to extend my agriculture studies in Degree programs.

  16. I\’m safia living in peshawar pakistan. Wants to take admission in post graduation .is there any scholarship for graduated students

  17. Am harrison njoroge and am in real need of scholarship or grantx to fund my fees…Also am a single parent whom raising fees and up keep is an issue…Kindly am praying hard to God that one can see me through

  18. I am a graduate assistant in serious need of cash fee or a scholarship to get a PhD. please I will be very grateful if my request is considered. Thank you

  19. Hello, My name is Betlhem and am from Ethiopia am planning to study Biochemistry and upgrade it to medicine in order to do that I need a scholarship or a finical assistance ,I hope you will help me to fulfill my dream and also thank you for this chance also.

  20. Hai my name is Thobekile Makhubo I am a law student at unisa, I\’m doing my first year, I need assistance will finance. I am a dedicated student and very enthusiastic, I\’m so passionate with legal studies. I hope you will be able to help me fulfill my dreams of being a lawyer one day.

  21. hey, am Ronald Kiyimba from Uganda East Africa i need school fees grant in order to pursue with my studies
    i want to do Electrical engineering or civil engineering

  22. I want to study in Australia,I pass the Master Degree in sociology/Anthropology of Nepal.If I get the free study in that country,I want to P.H.D.in Socio/Anthro at Australia,I will try it.

  23. hi I\’m sonishma basnet from Nepal, south Asia I would really want to support my family\’s economic condition by not keeping burden on them about my education…

  24. Am pridencia from Kenya, I really appreciate every commitment you are making in supporting education. I kindly request for a scholarship to pursue a degree in special education(hearing impaired) Your support to me will be highly appreciated.wishing to hear from you soon. Thank you

  25. Am Samson Mwenje from Kenya,I kindly request for a scholarship to pursue a masters degree in International Relations. Thanks in advance

  26. My name is Eunice Mutamba from Zimbabwe. I did bachelor degree in Economics. I want to persue with my studies doing masters in financial economics or public sector economics but l don\’t have money may yu pliz consider me in yo selection

  27. Good day sir/ma
    My name is Adaeze Michael and I\’m a nigerian and a student of Kaduna polytechnic in Kaduna studying science laboratory technology. If I will be considered or opportuned to have this scholarship or financial assistance,I would want to study micro-biology in one of the best universities in my country or beyond.
    THANK YOU!!!!!

  28. I\’m Bernard from Ghana. It will be a pleasure to persue Business administration as undergraduate program with a scholarship fun at your noble institution

  29. I\’m Bernard from Ghana. It will be a pleasure to persue Business administration as undergraduate program with a scholarship fund at your noble institution

  30. I\’m Miracle From Nigeria I will be glad to be admitted in your Noble institution to study English language as undergraduate program… through scholarship fund

  31. Am Peter Naboth from Tanzania am looking for scholarship for online Degree/bachelor am Parent-less and i have diploma in Education please your help is valuable…with thanks

  32. Hi! Great to meet you!
    I am called Sibomana Theoneste, living in Rwanda as my native cy, I am two years of university graduate students. I am glad to be selected from so many candidates.
    Taking my studies in China through your grant assistance will make me extremely happy.

  33. Sir/Madam:
    Good afternoon.
    I’m Patricia Porshia Libres, from Philippines.
    I a.m here to apply scholarship of the Philippines for the reasons:
    My Mom is a single parent,she is only breadwinner in our family for. 4 Children’s , her salary is not enough in our family specially in Education.
    Hope your kind heart to consider my application in scholarship.

    Respectfully your’s
    Patrishia Porshia Libres

  34. Sir:Madam:
    Can I. Ask?, what the name of schools in the Philippines can you recommend??
    Good afternoon.

  35. I am Cornelius Nasa Gbar, I am a Liberia,I have been thinking as to where can I get a scholarship or Grant in order to pursue my study. can you please help me find away in Australia?

  36. I am a student and I am pursuing a course to become a teacher in my communty in Ghana, West Africa.But my problem is financial support. I need a financial help to pay my school fees.God will richly bless anyone who will help me.

  37. i am so happy to apply for this scholarship in turkey country and i hope to select me in you country as a student .thank you

  38. AM kenyan,a diploma holder in mechanical engineering,i wish to persue degree in the same field,its kind request if i can get scholarship in your university to further my studies.

    George Musya philip,

  39. Hey I\’m Tariro from Zimbabwe,just finished my high school and I\’m looking forward to attend University but I\’m afraid that my poor financial background may deny me this opportunity, and so I\’m kindly asking you to award me a chance to this scholarship. Thank you

  40. I will kindly appreciate your help assistance it will help when in approving or achieving my future and goals

  41. Hi dina ! My name is mubashir ahmad,i am 18 years old and i belong to pakistan. It\’s very sad to see your comment.same is the case of mine.in the era where aircrafts moves faster than the speed of sound,where you can talk to a person far away in the other corner of world there do exist some people like me and you which don\’t have a proper source or support to peruse our education where as education is the fundamental right of any citize of the country.i am really inspired by the passion and interest which you have for the eduction.Don\’t give up! Stuggle till the last breath of your life.and contact to the embassies of respective country where you want to pursue your eduction,they better know about the schilarships and will guide you properly and also keep in touch with the Higher education comission an institute which govern the educational institutes like we have HEC in pakistan.they act as helper hand in scholarships offered by different countries.
    Best of luck.God bless you !

  42. I am yakubu Abubakar Sadiq i will so Happy if Am Admitted to study in your Institute please help me

  43. Sir i am from pakistan.i belong to a poor family so I can\’t pay University fee of engineering sir help me to continue my education.Thank you

  44. Am rendson staying in Malawi and i have just completed studying my diploma in agriculture and i wish to do my degree. So if you can assist me with a scholarship i wube very happy. Or you financial assistance

  45. Am staying in Zimbabwe Harare and have an Honours degree in Psychology am aspiring to take up a Masters in Psychology. l need help to start on my masters.

    Thank you

  46. Am Asum Emmanuel from Ghana, wishes to apply for scholarship and further my education at any of your universitys in fact without scholarship I no more continue my education again so consider my application.Thank you.

  47. Hello,my name is Emmanuel Sackie Gbanyah from Liberia. I\’m interested in applying for any of your scholarship to enable me further persue higher education. I\’m from a third world nation with no means of financial income and therefore hope you consider my request to advance myself academically.

  48. Hello,I\’m Namyamba Erios from Central uganda.i was at makerere University in 2017 persuing a degree in development studies but due to financial problems l could not make it, so if there\’s any chance I wish to continue with my education, please consider me for any scholarship opportunity. Thank you.

  49. Hello, I am Tania Zacarias Cossa and i need a scholarship to study degree in Biology in site not oniline
    I will be grateful if this opportunity is giving to me to continue my education thank you.

  50. HELLO , my name is Wilson Kutamba from Uganda i am looking forward for your consideration in your first selection I wish to pursue a masters degree in international relations .
    I will be grateful for such an opportunity thank you

  51. I\’m Melaku Shambel Bezabih from Ethiopia; I\’m interested to study masters degree in research so i your help to join your university.Thanks

  52. How can I get a scholarship when am not a citizenship that country which a person encountering to or origin

  53. Sir please help me. I need a full funding scholarship for studying undergraduate medicine course in university of Oxford. I\’m in big financial struggle. Help me

  54. Sir I\’m from Sri lanka. I hope to study medicine in university of Oxford. It\’s my dream to be a doctor. But I\’m in a big financial struggle. Please help me. I\’m gratitude if you give me a full funding scholarship for my course. Thank you

  55. I am student of computer science level 100 and my GP is 3.19, but I quit school due to financial issues. Please help me to continue my studies. Thank you.

  56. Sir please help me. I need a full funding scholarship for studying educational psychology course in phd level in university of chicago. I\\’m in big financial struggle. Help me.

  57. I\’m Jamal Jalis musa
    From south sudan refugees in sudan please I need from you to study bachelor degree out from Africa
    Please help us

  58. Hello, I am Deborah, a Kenyan student currently undergoing my Bachelor\’s Degree in Psychology and I\’m hoping I can get financial aid to complete my degree

  59. Am Faraji from Tanzania i need financial assistance to complete my degree program in language and to proceed with research publishing.

  60. My dear ,I would like to ask you a help am in s4pcm .I am lacking school fees in order for me to study please am waiting you help. If you help me I will use that chance perfectly .

  61. I am a rwandan as a land locked country.I am lacking fees for payment.I begging you help me.

  62. Am Audray Viola and am kindly requesting for a scholarship at university in history studies as an undergraduate

  63. Hello, I\’m MUCYO Elie from Rwanda and I would like to be selected in ur consideration.
    currently, I\’m a High school sinior.

  64. I am Elias Tadesse MSc Metallurgical Engineering in Ethiopia.I am suffering a problem now due to lack of fund to my research project.

  65. my name is OCHAN KENNETH and I live in the northern part of Uganda. I am 20 yrs old and supposed to be joining year one in the university but my dad cannot afford the university fees.
    so i am seriously in need of a scholarship.

  66. Am called Amute Joseph from Uganda aged 25yrs a diploma holder in accounting and finance just completed last year but due financial crisis I couldn\’t join for a degree course so plead with anyone who can offer me an scholarship opportunity I will be grateful to him/ her.

  67. Hi, I am Laila Murad. I live in Iran.
    I received an email from you a while ago.

    I need help in pursuing my studies in genetics or biotechnology.

    In Iran, it does not matter to graduate students, and I feel emptiness with a bachelor of science in biotechnology and a graduate student of genetics, and I have a lot of interest in continuing education.
    But for financial reasons I have to leave school.

    I hope I can study abroad with you.

    Thank you very much

  68. Hello,
    I am Asad
    I should that I can start our business but i can\’t afford money,
    My ambition about poor people who was died with different diseases
    I want to help him,
    Plz help me.

  69. hello, my desire is to accomplish my studies in pharmaceutical science so that i can help my society with my knowledge but the cost are too high and am afraid i won`t make it

  70. Hi i am student from somalia i need scholarships i have not any mony because i like education please please give me scholarship thank you

  71. Hi! my name is Chala from Ethiopia. i am 33 years old. i have BA degree in leadership. and also i have degree in computer science and information technology. now i want to upgrade my education to masters degree in leadership and related course if your country may give me free scholar. because i can\’t pay the needed payment to learn my masters education. please help me!! thank you!

  72. Hae,my name is CALEB OUMA OTIENO from KENYA. I am looking for a scholarship in Barchelors Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. please help grant me this scholarship. Thanks.

  73. My name is nikki and am currently doing grade12 i would like to study humanities next year.i think your bursary will help me persue my dream as HR manager

  74. My name is Gelgelu Nebi Gemeda from Ethiopia I\’m looking for scholarship please help me for MSC or MA degree grant of scholarship.

  75. Thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate your great offer.
    I am currently undertaking Bachelor in School Leadership and Management in one of the premium Education Institute in Papua New Guinea . Unfortunately , I am totally bombarded with Financial difficulties however,such an offer will be a relief actually.
    Thank you

  76. I am an Educationist and therefore would apply for a Masters in Leadership and Management in the coming year as soon as I graduate at the end of this year.

  77. Hie l am Mbaliyenkosi Moyo from Zimbabwe .l really need a scholarship because l want to complete my bachelor\’s degree.

  78. I would love pursue my study major on ICT i am at the position of diploma on computer science, A+, and N+ and i am willing to go further on a master all phd, hence i am seeking for assistance of financial payment that would help us on this situation, i thank you ..

  79. iam innocent babagye, iam a ugandan i need your help as i would like to go for futher studies in masters +2567724146 thank you andgod bless u

  80. Am Gbeminiyi from Nigeria, I really need assistance in paying for application fees for PhD admission. The fees are foot-dragging the admission process. My GRE is 308(VB, QUAT) 4(Analytical). M.Sc. Public Administration, wish to study PhD Development Studies, abroad.

  81. Hi! my name is shafiullah. I am 27 years old. recently I have completed BBA degree.now I want to upgrade my education to a masters degree in MBA and related course if your country may give me a free scholarship. because I can’t pay the needed payment to learn my master\’s education.
    I will be grateful if you could consider me in your first selection I wish to carry out a Master degree in Bussiness Administration and wish to complete my master studies, abroad.

  82. Jeffrey Tauman from SOlomon Islands I am a Libarary Attendant and need a diploma in IT for Library Digital Tecnology.I am intrested in diplom in Computer Science.

  83. hi I m farzana kousar from Pakistan I,m post BScN now I want to do msc in nursing.i need schlorship for master.

  84. hello!am Jerusalem Legesse i am from Ethiopia i have been graduated in bachelor degree in public health.i want to get the scholarship and i need your support..thanks!

  85. I will be appreciative if you consider me on this selection i really need this scholarship i want to study bachelor degree in science laboratory technology am from Zambia.

  86. I am very grateful for the opportunity giving to me to comment on this platform #grantforme…. Am a polytechnic graduate (ND) under the department of architecture technology I will be grateful if am giving the opportunity to continue my education through your scholarship thank you very much

  87. Am so greatful and delighted if am given this opportunity to further my studies. am here to ask for assistance help me further my studies. because I don\’t have any money or support for my education, there by since I had about this web so I decided to to apply for scholarships…am begging you please. help me achieve my goals

  88. Thank you very much for always letting us know about the these opportunities,i am Audray Viola from Uganda and I have been trying to find out more about scholarships,i say for my A level last year but I don\’t have financial assistance for helping me join university yet eager to further my education.The person who was paying for m studies told me that he nolonger has money and I don\’t have any family help in this.Please help me fulfill my dreams of becoming a historian or doing psychology.Thank you……

  89. Am hereby requesting u to grant me a scholarship so that I can go further with my studies at university,am done with high school but can\’t go at university because I have no means and as well am a refugee in Ugandafrom Burundi .I ll appreciate it

  90. I am living in Ethiopia I have masters degree in public management so I need to learn PhD please help me full sponsorship

  91. Am Eric Johnson from Nigeria am undergruadate am so grateful and delighted if I can gain this opportunity to further my studies I has that can change my life and life of people around me but I need help I know My dream will be achieved here please help me

  92. My name is Okiemute Blessing from Nigeria, Delta State
    I studied pharmacy technology in Edo State polytechnic,OND Level.
    Please I need a scholarship to further my education

  93. Good day to everyone. So my parents and I we\’re struggling about my education and I need scholarship to further my studies. Currently studying my Bachelor\’s Degree in Radiologic Technology and I am open for any extracurricular activies just to earn scholarships it would also be a great help to update and expand my knowledge.
    Please help me achieve my ambition in life. It would be a great help for me or us. Thank you and God bless!

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