$2,000 ChampionTutor Scholarship Program

Choosing the right degree program can really be tricky. Admit it, someone must initially consider their financial capability before proceeding and if that degree program can help them land on a job that will give them good income later. Sad part is, some people resort to settling for what they can afford rather than something that they really want to do in their life.

How nice it would be to be rewarded for your passion?

Being awarded for the skills you acquired through your passion can be exciting most especially if the reward is something that can help you with your college education.

The Champion Tutor Scholarship Program is offering you an opportunity to showcase your creative writing skills. All you must do is submit a mind-blowing essay and the scholarship will award you with $2,000 in cash.

The good thing is, this scholarship is open to all nationalities in a local secondary/ high school or a college however, employees and associated family members of ChampionTutor are not eligible to participate in this scholarship program.

There are some rules and guidelines for this program.

The content should be 100% original and unique. They will also evaluate it with some criteria like the material organization and local interpretation, vocabulary and style, reasoning and critical thinking skills, spelling, grammar and punctuations. The division of the points can be accessed at https://www.championtutor.com/scholarship.php.

They also gave a few pointers in writing mind-blowing essay such as identifying your target audience. You should ask yourself who you are writing the essay for and why they should read it. Plan your essay. Do research on the topic, analyze the information and pen down your major points. Once you have done so, you can then further elaborate on each of you points. Discuss, explain and compare. Last but not the least, proofread your work and check for mistakes. Get a teacher or a mentor to read your essay and give comments on your work.

The only allow one entry per one participant so make sure to give you best shot in the article that you will submit. Own it and make yourself feel that you are writing it to bring home the bacon.

The deadline of submission will be on 28th February 2018 and they will announce the results on 1st April 2018.

To submit an entry, you must send your full name, age, school, a headshot and a short bio of yourself at admin@championtutor.com.

116 thoughts on “$2,000 ChampionTutor Scholarship Program

  1. Am Puzzled U Pple Complicated This Scholarship Issue And Yet Its Not Easy To Apply For.Your Adverts Indicates Free Scholarship When When U Try To Apply It Ends Up Asking For Mode Of Payment And With Lots Information Not Easy To Understand.

  2. Kindly i am a kenyan,i finished my high school 4 years ago.but i have never lost hope. I humbly ask for your scholarship to join to college.kindly help me

  3. I am akenyan who is longing for a scholarship for the last 4 years after high school. But i still have faith that i will join.please help me

  4. I am Musa P. Fakolee from Liberia, I am a 2013 High School graduate from the St. Samuel High School my parents can not afford to pay my college fees to due to such financial condition I am not in school.
    Please help me to be part of your scholarship.

  5. I am Okello Erasmus who had just completed my advanced level in biology and chemistry plus maths….i kindly need a sponsor for the university for bachelors or diploma…please help .God bless you

  6. Hey I am Maurice ,I am student in university of Rwanda undergraduate I need scholarship in masters degrees in telecommunications engineering thank you

  7. IAM Michael remaining with three month to finish certificate in general nursing so I would like to be sponsored at the diploma level meanwhile I would like to have internship just after my certificate thanks so much

  8. I want to go Canada for higher study purpose on LL.M about international public law so I need scholarship please give me some idea how can i get a scholarship. Thanks Abul Hashem.

  9. I need a scholarship to continue my education in masters. Studied political science and what to continue with international relations at the master\’s level

  10. Am looking for this opportunity for a very long time please sir assist me,i want to read medicine and surgery.if my request is granted i will be happy to here that,THANKS.

  11. My name is Ahmed I need scholarship to continue my studies just 7 months before my dad has expired if u guys help me I will be thankful to you please.

  12. Please help me find a fully funded open scholarship for PHD on agricultural economics. I am from Ethiopia

  13. Hola estoy muy interesado en una beca y tengo muchos planes pero necesito una beca soy bueno en el estudio primero Dios si la tendré

  14. Greetings. Am Nkeze Desmond Fonjia precisely from Cameroon. I got my advance level a year back and I am at the moment studying journalism and mass communication at the university of Buea. It has been my cry to further my studies out of my country Cameroon in order to gain required knowledge to train the younger generation.It will be of joy to me if I can be offered a scholarship at your institution.Thanks.

  15. I am otong Isaiah from Uganda, East Africa. I am interested in the scholarship to study Literature/English or anthropology at masters level. Let me know if that is possible.

  16. Richard Alfred Chisale from Malawi, needy the scholarship to pursue my masters, needy a full scholarship.

  17. Bonjour! Je suis un étudiant béninois à la recherche d\’une bourse pour faire mes faire mes études ee master de la chimie des procédés. Je vous en serai très reconnaissant. Merci beaucoup. Mon numéro wathsapp est le 0022964082097.

  18. I request for a scholarship to study master\’s in agricultural economics or agricultural related field. Thanks in advance.

  19. My names are irene soita nekesa. I shall highly appreciate your offer for a masters degree at your reputable university once given a opportunity and promise to give my best. I currently have a degree in information technology Thanks in advance.

  20. My name Ugwu Chinedu Emmanuel pls I finished my secondary school Over 5 years ago pls I seriously need this ur scholarship

  21. I am Kevin Kevin okuku a needy,need to continue in my education, I did form four three years ago need help please

  22. Hi, I am happy to join to your University in Masters of any business and economics. Please, help me.

  23. I really wanted to apply for your scholarship program since I\’ll be taking up BS Accountancy and that will surely a big help for my finacial aftermath of my study.

  24. I am from Pakistan and a student of B.e.d(hons). I really need this scholarship to continue my further studies because i can`t afford my educational expenses.

  25. I need someone to connect me with a university willing to offer a free scholarship to peruse my further studies in mastering SPECIAL NEEDS EDUCATION specializing in handling Learners with PHYSICAL DISABILITIES (Physically handicapped learners). I graduated on 23rd March 2018,with SECOND CLASS HORNOR UPPER DIVISION:JARAMOGI OGINGA ODINGA UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.

  26. Really I would love so much to complete /continue my education in outside countries,it is really my ambition,coz I lost both my parents and I am chasing a big dream of becoming an aeronautical engineer.I think in the future I can contribute on the development of most advanced space travels and space crafts.If there\’s any chance of me acquiring that,I know very that I won\’t be able to forget you.Now I am in high school and there\’s someone paying my fees, but what I see right now,she is like giving up on me,and I don\’t blame her for that coz she\’s getting old .And you know age limits us in some things.

  27. South Sudanese
    i want study mine ore,gold etc and other underground natural resources
    sir help me with education in order to tap into knowledge about how to deal with those things

  28. Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. My name is Amin Al-Obaid from Sudan. I am studying the fifth level at Sudan University of Science and Technology, Logia, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering. I want to get a scholarship in another field such as geology or agriculture. Thank you for your cooperation. Help me to reach my goal .. to meet

  29. Yes,off-courses,i need please help me for joining to you i am faithful for this scholarship and i need sponsor thank you so much send more information p.o.box.=54252A.A,Ethiopia.

  30. Hi,pls I will be grateful if my demand for this scholarship is granted. Pls help me to achieve my dream to be an engineer. God blessed you….

  31. I m in last semester of BS (hons) mathematics..which is near to end next month….i want to do MS mathematics from abroad but my parents can\’t afford more expenses of my further study ..please help me to continue my study …i am fond of study ….plzzzzzz plzzzzz help me…i m from pakistan

  32. Iam Etambuyu liswaniso from zambia,and i would like to study abroad to masterin international marketing. please help

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