$20,000 Dell Scholars

Finding the right scholarship for you based on your capabilities can be like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Someone needs to consider a lot of things in pursuing their college education and getting the right degree program based on, first and foremost, their financial capability.

It is always has been the question that needs an answer because as we know, many qualified and well-deserved students end up choosing to take a leave rather than pursuing their college education simply because they cannot afford it.

We’ve seen this kind of scenario over the years and it’s great to know that there are a lot of institutions and foundations are taking their step forward to help these well-deserved students.

One of those is Dell Scholars.

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation created Dell Scholars to recognize and assist an underserved population—students in the academic middle from low-income households who are often among the first in their families to attend college. All Dell Scholars have overcome significant personal challenges in their pursuit of higher education.

Their program includes a support network made up of students, peer mentors, and the Dell Scholars staff to help our scholars succeed. They created a financial award that is very flexible, so Scholars can use their award money for the many costs that arise during their college career.

Today, the Dell Scholars program offers personalized, multifaceted support to their Scholars that extends beyond the financial support of $20,000, a laptop, and textbook credits.

To qualify for an application, the applicant should earn a minimum of 2.4 GPA. They must participate in a program-approved college readiness program in grades 11 and 12. They should also have a plan to enroll at an accredited higher education institution in the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in the fall directly following high school graduation and last but not the least, they should be eligible to receive a federal Pell Grant in first year of college and demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

The first step to application is completing the online application to become Dell Scholar. Once submitted, all applications will be assessed, and a group of Dell Scholar semifinalists will be selected.

The details and sample application questions can be accessed at https://www.dellscholars.org/scholarship/. They also have FAQs in the website to help you answer your basic queries.

124 thoughts on “$20,000 Dell Scholars

  1. Am serious in need of studying
    It’s the only way I have to succeed but I don’t have tuition
    I humbly request for your help

  2. Chemical engineering is a course that we lack in our colleges, so. If I wwill be accepted in your university it will create the necessity to form a faculty in our colleges through my sensitization

  3. Bonjour je suis étudiant en master 2 en génétique des populations je souhaiterai continuer mes études doctorales à l\’extérieur e\’ biologie moléculaire

  4. I would appreciate if I became one of the beneficiary of this amazing offer because it has been my dream of studying abroad

  5. Hi, let me firstly appreciate this platform for assisting students around the globe. I have recently obtained BSc in Economics and is desperate of pursuing masters, even if it\’s in other discipline.
    Thanks for your understanding.

  6. am in need of a scholarship to do degree in animal science please help me.my name us Maureen Zimba am a Zambian

  7. I am eager to study the place were you asked.Even your question is great news for me at this time. Actually I start leaning in South America you are my economic father because I fulfilled my early dream. Please David give me your hand I am greatly waiting next response.
    Overflowing regards for you and your lovely families!!!
    Chorfo Chora from Ethiopia,Africa

  8. Hi
    I\’m in imperative need to study abroad..
    Actually to study pharmacy. Could I get the chance to make my dream true..
    Thank you.

  9. Hello their i have a great need to get scholarship and i went to be part of study and make a change on me and ma life of style

  10. Dear sir/madam
    I\’m a newly graduate from senior school and in I want to further my education in the university to do engineering and science but I afford it on my own, so I really need your help.I\’m a Gambian student.

  11. I am a fresh graduate holding bachelor degree in Information system and management I want to study masters at any university in Australia but financially I can\’t afford please your help is needed. Thanks

  12. Happy new year to you all, let me take this opportunity and thank every body for efforts put in Informing us about the chances to study. Please I humbly request for any fisheries or related course. Regards Emmanuel from Rwanda

  13. Greetings to you, I\’m an orphan and has failed to furthur my studies, I really need this scholarship. Thank you in advance.

  14. hi, i like to ask if there MD cause of fisheries and aquaculture provided in your collage, if are available let me to know i want to apply.

  15. Hello, please I am planning on studying medicine and surgery abroad.. I would be grateful if I\’m awarded this scholarship

  16. Hello i am bachelors holder looking forward towards doing a masters degree in Entomology possibly in Uganda i would be grateful if i am awarded this scholarship

  17. Am a college dropout I was taking tour guide n French courses n it is my dream to complete complete my career. Please give me this chance to continue n make my dream come true.

  18. I am a child raised in very low-income country.
    I really need finance to complete my education so please may you help me?
    Because education would be beneficiary to these low income families.

  19. I have a grate zeal of becoming a nurse since my childwood but lack of finance is becoming a burrier to my dream.If God can my avail school fee through then it can be a grate bridge to my dream.May God bless you as you think of considering me in your list of scholars.

  20. I have a passion to study paramedic or nursing and would really appreciate it if I get a fully funded scholarship to study abroad, thank you in advance

  21. I am from Papua New Guinea.One of the black nation races rarely known to most of the outside world.I am currently working as a registered nurse and would like to study abroad in any of the institution you offer and I really need your financial support as well.

    Thank you very much and have a great day.

  22. Hi am fromm Rwanda of east African countries I need to study abroad in any of institution offer and I am really need your financial support of studies as well to reach my dreams thank u for good response God bless u

  23. I will be very excited too if I\’m chosen to completed my studies.
    I really wish to be given the opportunity.
    may God bless you all for the grate work you have done to us!

  24. Hello, i want to study information technology, and it will be an honour to get this scholarship to achieved my dreams

  25. Good day
    I am Senenalo Simelane i am kindly interested in studying Veterinary medicine.It will be a great honor for me that you support me in my studies.

    Thank you

  26. Hie my Name is Anesu and am from Zimbabwe I would like this opportunity so i can pursue my dream of attaining a bachelor\’s degree in social work..I would really appreciate n be happy if am given this scholarship it would have a great impact on my life n my family am the eldest son and would like to study abroad so that i can get a job and look after my family so i would appreciate if i get this scholarship

  27. Hello.
    My name is Masereka Johnson very passionate about fish farming and From Uganda looking forward to get a schalorship to go for a masters degree in Aquaculture to address the dwindling fish catches from our natural water bodies in my country. Fish remains the most afford protein source in Uganda and it\’s scarcity means food insecurity to the population of over 34 million people. The knowledge acquired will be utilized in farming fish for food and increasing household incomes.

  28. I\’ m in in need of your help. Am studying teaching In my second year but am not seeing the possibilities of completing my studies due to luck of financial.. help me.

  29. I\’m a good science student,I am facing problems financially.I\’m from a poor back ground.Please help me.To continue my studies I need financial assistance.

  30. Iam obey from Zimbabwe.I need financial help lam doing bachelor of accounting. I am facing difficulties in my studies because of finance shortages please please help me. My God bless you all

  31. Education is the only way to succeed in life. I need a financial support to achieve the dream. So help me God.

  32. Hi I am Cherrylyn Pason taking BS Criminology here in the Philippines. I am a needy and I will be very happy to get a scholarship one day. Thank you.

  33. I really need a scholarship/funding to run my PhD programme in Educational Psychology abroad. i will be very grateful if you can be of help to me.

  34. Its of a great pleasure to have this opportunity of scholarship and I really appreciate thank you very much

  35. Hello my name is masireh I am from The Gambia.Am a high school graduate but cannot proceed to higher institution due to financial problem.I am a young girl of 19 years of age who has many dreams to fulfill I will be very grateful if am giving the scholarship.Thank you

  36. My name is Insaf. I\’m from Sudan, I live in Khartoum was born and raised there. I graduated high school, and got into law school at university of Khartoum. I only got to finish two semesters, because of the political statement the country is going through right now so the government shut down all the universities for a further notice and since then I\’ve been looking for scholarships

  37. J\’ai besoin d\’étudier et par votre attention à moi je peux réaliser ce rêve majeur de ma vie qui est d\’étudier à l\’étranger pour apprendre de plus.J\’ai un niveau universitaire et je veux continuer dans le domaine de l\’économie

  38. Hello,Sir i am Degrafson Vorleto,i would be grateful if given this scholarship to do my BSc degree .
    Thank you.

  39. Hello, I am Emmanuel Vorleto from Ghana, i wish for scholarship to enable me do my MSc. in environmental science.Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.

  40. Hi i am Firew from Ethiopia and i need your support to study abroad by full grant in msc or phd i have msc in Economocs

  41. Am War

    Wamera Yusufu from Uganda .iI finished advanced level(A level) and I hereby requesting for scholarship from your scheme.I really need to continue with studies in Degree in general science in agriculture so that control our agricultural production stable. God bless you.

  42. I have started a Ph.D programme in Curriculum and Instruction as a foreign student and need need scholarship to enable me pay my fees. I will be grateful if you can add me to your list.
    Thank you.

  43. Dear sir,
    I\’m shajidul islam.I\’m from Bangladesh. My father is a Driver,his monthly Income is $150.he cannot afford my education expense properly.Now I want to complete my graduation through scholarship. if you help me to give this scholarship it will change my future. I want to continue my education,but my father can\’t bear. please give me this scholarship badly in need this scholarship.

    in conculation,I would be very happy if you give me this scholarship. an it will help my further progress

  44. Hie I am Joseph I need your help with full grant scolarship as my wish is to continue with my studies

  45. How do you do I\’d kindly need your assistance in helping me achieve my dream of being a social worker abroad I\’d appreciate it if you help me make my dream come true

  46. Hello, my name is Luena I\’m from Angola, and I\’m studying the fifth year of medicine in Cuba, I would like to know if there is any fellowship to study oncology in USA. Thank you.

  47. I am Habumugisha Christian from Rwanda I want a scholarship to start university because I only completed secondary studies and I want to forward my studies in university helped by your scholarship to me

  48. I\’m in need to pursue PhD in science, in the field of livestock, especially chicken, and specifically, chicken nutrition. Can I get financial assistance from Dell scholars to do this kind of carrier?

  49. bonjour j aimerais poursuivre les etudes universitaires mais avec votre soutient il me sera facile de le faire aidez moi s il vous plait et surtout c est pour l informatique de resaeu

  50. Pls i desperately want to go to school,i will b so glad if i get assistance in other to further my education abroad

  51. Am serious in need of studying
    It’s the only way I have to succeed but I don’t have tuition
    I humbly request for your help

  52. Am I need for one to pay for my college fees in my country because I face money crisis to my parents and they can\’t afford the fees please I need your help

  53. I am interested, please advised further in order for me push on my study as I am pursuing a degree in insurance and I have no fund to sponsor my self.

  54. I am belong to poor family. I want to study further in Delhi. But I m Foreigner student. I think I aim will never come true

  55. I am a nursing student from Liberia with Associate Degree in Nursing and I want to pursuit my education at the level of Bachelor Degree in nursing. financially, I am unable to start and I need your assistance to help me achieve this degree. I will be very glad if my request is accepted.
    Many thanks for your usual consideration.
    Sincerely yours,
    Its Alphonso S. Luogon

  56. It had taken hard time to me searching on this wonderful opportunity
    I really like it if I would be consider to this scholarship

  57. It had taken hard time to me searching on this wonderful opportunity
    I really like it if I would be consider to this scholarship

  58. Hi sir I am Jutowo J Dolo from Liberia I need your scholarship assistant to complete a MSc PhD in economic at Atlantic International University.

  59. Hello,

    I am Francis Barnaba. I am writing, to inform you that, my application for a doctoral taught program at the University of Edinburgh has been approved. I am now seeking for a scholarship, to sponsor my doctorate program, in Sacred Theology and Social Justice. Please, can you consider me for this scholarship, so that I will be able to pursue my doctoral studies at the University of Edinburgh, in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies. I am a Catholic priest. I come from South Sudan, but currently I am working in Tanzania, because of the currently conflict in the country, which destroyed every aspect of humanity and fabric of the South Sudanese people! The country has descended to the level of savagery lawlessness!
    The people of South Sudan have become sick of their own country. Yet, the good news is that, the Church continues to give hope to the people!The Christian faith in South Sudan, has become even stronger, more than ever before, because of the work of the Church.

    Therefore, I am applying for this scholarship, so as to pay for my doctorate tuition and other requirements. Within three years, I should have finished. The university commences on September 1, 2019. If this application finds favor with you, please, let me know, so that I may communication with the University Admission Desk, for them to process my application.
    I was a Professor at St. Paul\’s Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies and the Catholic University of South Sudan in Juba. Therefore, my contribution to these institutions is very significant!
    Please, take this application very seriously!

    Wish you many blessings!


  60. I badly need help for me to study Psychology abroad..I hope you can heko me with it..I appreciate the help.

  61. Good day, my name is Josephine. I\’m a Nigerian student. I just got admission into a university in my country. I need financial help to pay tuition fees and stuffs.
    Please help me. I wish I could help others but I can\’t. I\’m working hard now so that in the future I will be able to help others in need like me.
    This dream is not sufficient without money so please help me where I\’m lacking.
    Thank you so much.

  62. I am really desperate need scholarship to pursue my studies. I am already admitted to do medicine program in Texila American University

  63. I am a freshly passout of high school and o took commerce during my high school.so in order to continue my studies i need to study abroad as i have faced so many problems to get through this because,first of all my parents hare having a hugr financial issues and as well as our country is just a developing country so it is really hard for me to study abroad so if you can grant this opportunity i would be really grateful,since i am also really interested in business studies

  64. I am Pakistani student , and I complete my fac in premedical ,I wants to become a doctor but I can\’t afford ..I need a scholarship to full fill my dreams in aboard plz help me ..

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